Industrial Shelf - The Shopkeeper's Industrial Merchandise Display Shelf

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The Shopkeeper's Industrial Merchandise Display Shelf

When you have something beautiful to display, you can't do better by it than giving it some premium real-estate to show it off with.

Standing at 5 1/2 feet tall and 4 feet wide, with tall interior shelf heights of 18" each, this shelf gives you shelf space you'll need to showcase your wares.

This king-sized, heavy and durable steel and wood industrial style shelf stands has three shelves and is ideal for commercial or domestic use in an office, home, condo, loft, cottage or as retail and hospitality merchandise display fixtures.

This fixture is made from steel angle iron and rough sawn white pine, fastened with rivets and accent corner plates and is mounted on wheels (casters) that are both locking and swivelling for maximum mobility options.

Our rustic finish is the result of high-quality metal paint and wood stain, hand painted to evoke a rich, vintage character. 


  • Total Shelf Dimensions: 66" H x 48" W x 18" D  (5.5 ft H x 4 ft W x 1.5 ft D)
  • Each Shelf Interior Height: 18" H
  • Casters: 4” diameter, 5” total height, Locking, Swivelling


You can choose your preferred colors for this shelf from a selection of steel finishes and wood stains. For example, you might like it in:

Use your imagination! Choose whatever color scheme you like from other photos you see on this site. Select from our color choices on this page to customize your color scheme. We are happy to accommodate any color customization that suits you.


This product ships fully assembled. 

RetroWorks Inc. is committed to manufacturing industrial furniture with exceptional quality, durability, utility and craftsmanship. Our furniture is a built in the vintage industrial tradition and engineered to stand the test of time and our rustic finish is the result of high-quality metal paint and wood stain, hand painted to evoke a rich, vintage character. RetroWorks furniture is inspired by early 20th-century factory floors, but designed for modern decor and works well in condos, homes, retail, hospitality and office spaces as character pieces and is perfect for storage of your favorite books, antiques, collectibles, and merchandise.


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