Handcrafted Industrial Furniture

Inspired by Factory Floors.  Designed for Urban Decor 

Based in Toronto, Ontario, RetroWorks designs and handcrafts a variety of industrial furniture products with a modern feel that ideal for homes, cottages and condos as well as for commercial, retail and hospitality spaces.

Inspired by retro 20th-century factory floor shelves, carts and work tables, our furniture is designed with modern decor in mind and our pieces easily serve as a focal point or an accent for almost any design motif.

We pride ourselves in adhering to an industrial quality and aesthetic where no vintage detail is overlooked, from our boilerplates and rivets to our accent brackets and casters.

Key Features

  • Domestically designed and handmade
  • Retro industrial-quality construction with a modern aesthetic
  • High-quality materials and finishes
  • Multiple color options to suit your style
  • Committed to an excellent customer experience
  • Free shipping
  • Duty-free shipping to the United States.

Visit our website to view our collection. You might just find that perfect piece to complement your personal style.