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One of the best parts of the creative design process is giving your finished product a name. Before your industrial style bookcase, coffee table or dining table is put up for sale, you get to dream up something to call it that will stoke the imagination of potential buyers and add to the fun factor. Here are a few thoughts on exercising your marketing muscle.  

best Industrial bookshelf on casters

Railroad Junction Shelf

When Liz and I brainstormed over what to call our series of vintage style industrial bookcases we had a thought process. First, we listed some of the most renowned industrial cities in the world and what industry they are famous for. For example, Detroit - automotive; Liverpool - shipyards; Düsseldorf - steel. We added some traditional industries like railroads, aircraft manufacture and brickworks. Then we thought of classic variations for names of factories, such as foundry, mill or anything that ends in “works”. And of course, we thought of how a shelf might be used in an industrial setting for things like a tool shelf, for racking or warehousing. When we put some of these themes together we came up with names like the Düsseldorf Foundry Shelf, Liverpool Shipyard Shelf or the Aircraft Factory Tool Shelf.

There are really no hard and fast rules for naming industrial furniture. You’re limited only by your imagination. If you have fun devising inventive names for each piece, chances are anyone perusing your wares will find them fun too.

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