It's Personal


“Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal!” 

Meg Ryan, You’ve Got Mail

That’s the thing.  The main thing.  That’s the most important differentiating factor between buying something from a retailer whose products were made by people who’ve never heard of you and commissioning owner-designers to create a custom design to your specifications. When you hire RetroWorks to bring your ideas to life, it’s not just business, it’s utterly personal.

As co-owners, we are 100% invested in the quality of our work and your satisfaction. It’s absolutely personal to us that we achieve your satisfaction, because every single project is an investment of our time, our skills, our passion and yes, our capital.  Our work is our passion and it’s quite literally all-consuming because of it.  At RetroWorks, it’s a personal investment of such magnitude, that your project inherently becomes our project; the things that are critically important to you, become critically important to us. When we are working on a project for you, we partner with you.  You become our top consideration at any point of any day until the project has been completed.  Whether it’s a custom finish, or a specific functional element you require, it’s absolutely vital to us that we keep your wishes top of mind, so we can enjoy the reward in knowing that we’ve helped you exceed them when our work is done.  

Handcrafting industrial furniture is not for the faint of heart. It can sometimes be grueling, dirty work and it can even take quite a physical toll.  There are good days, and there are some very tough days but the paydirt is that they all lead up to an immense sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when we finally see the finished product.   That’s because we love what we do. We’re committed to each project and each customer because of it.  We work terribly hard, but we love what we do and that is one of the luckiest things someone could hope for.  It’s passion that drives us every day and that’s as personal as it gets.

This kind of heart and hands-on involvement isn’t something you’ll find when you purchase something that has come off of an assembly line or was made a million miles away.  This is the kind of heart and personal involvement you’ll find when something has been made to order, by a couple of fully invested owner-designers, specifically for you and to your specifications. 

That's why, at RetroWorks, it’s not business, it’s personal.  It’s personal to us, and it’s personal for you.  And that’s the only way we’d have it.  It’s just not worth it, unless it’s personal. 

At RetroWorks, our furniture is made locally, made by hand, made well, and made for you. So, tell us about your project, and we’ll happily get personally invested in bringing your vision to life today. 

RetroWorks Custom Handcrafted Industrial Furniture

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