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If you’ve followed RetroWorks long enough, you’ve learned that we are a passionate bunch.  We’re passionate about what we do and where we live.  We put every little bit of ourselves and our energy into designing and creating exciting industrial furniture right here in Toronto.  Our creations were initially borne out of the fact that we wanted to furnish our home with industrial furniture but we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for. So, as a couple of crafty and talented people, we decided to start making it for ourselves and for anyone else who was interested.  So far, our early beginning as an artisanal furniture designer has taken us on paths we couldn’t have ever imagined and excite us every step of the way, but the best part is, we’re only just warming up.

However, one of the most amazing things we’ve learned since we began, is that we were not alone.  Since we started creating furniture as RetroWorks, we’ve learned that Toronto is a HUGE hot spot of designers with immense talent and creative drive. We’re so glad to be a part of a community like this and only wish we could have found more of them earlier on.  The only problem we had when we were looking for them a few years ago, is the same problem that many start-ups still have when competing with larger businesses.  It’s sometimes just near-to-impossible to be found online, and if you’re not online, you’re invisible.

The thing is, if you’re someone who’s really into interior design, that’s a problem for you as well.  If you’re looking for something that is just a bit unique and can’t be found in a large big box store, how are you to find all the incredibly skilled designers you’re looking for if they can’t be found with a simple Google search?  How are you to stay on top of all of the deals being offered by interior design stores when the deals get drowned out by all of the other marketing noise out there?

largest list of Toronto interior design stores and furniture designers

Cue Interior Design Toronto.  The team at Interior Design Toronto have developed a comprehensive directory of over 600 interior design and home decor stores which includes all the large brand names you may be looking for as well as those less well-known gems waiting to be found.  If you’re looking for something a little unique, quirky or cool to furnish your home, office, cottage or commercial space, this website is an absolute must as your first place to start.  These people know what they’re doing.  A tight little team of two, an interior designer and a self-professed design-nerd / techie, they’ve managed to create an unbelievably valuable resource for anyone interested in interior design in Toronto.

Some of the key features of the Interior Design Toronto website are:

  • Their directory of over 600 interior design and home decor stores in Toronto, including big name brands and smaller artisanal designers.

  • Stores are listed alphabetically, by neighbourhood and by product category so you can easily and quickly narrow your search.

  • Their frequently updated blog and social media accounts, infused with personality, humour and great information, keep followers up-to-date with the best deals being offered around town.

If you’re looking for something a little unique in this city, just a few moments and a little research on the Interior Design Toronto website can help you stay informed and make the best purchasing decisions for your needs. It turns out, the options out there are really every bit as diverse as this city is.  Go check it out for yourself and happy shopping. 

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