Customer Photos - Powerhouse Cart Coffee Table Stylin' in Toronto

Customer Photos


Powerhouse Cart Coffee Table in Customer Living Room

There is nothing so gratifying as a happy customer.  Truly.  There's really nothing like it.

Designing and making handcrafted industrial furniture is an exceptionally challenging undertaking.  Cutting and assembly can be very hard on the body, leveling the furniture is a meticulous and exacting process and the final paint process is an ergonomic nightmare.  All of these things are those which we take on gladly, because, quite simply, we get so much out of seeing the finished product come together. 

But there is nothing like the reward we get, when a customer is truly delighted with the end result.  

We were very appreciative and gladdened to receive a great review, and a photo, from a customer in our store that resides on Etsy.  His review spoke to some of the elements of our work that is so important to us, so we really we wanted to share it with you here. Please indulge us this, because we hope that after reading this you'll understand that this is exactly the type of positive experience we strive to provide to all customers.  In the end, all the work is about the customer receiving a product that they'll love.  When that happens, all the work is worth it.

John purchased our Powerhouse Cart Coffee Table on Etsy, and here's what he had to say:

What a tremendous and substantial piece of industrial furniture craftsmanship! Clearly, this is a labour of love for RetroWorks and we're extremely pleased with the finished product that was delivered right way and in perfect condition. This table takes center stage in our living room and will be perfect not only as a riveting (pun intended) conversation piece but for entertaining. Compared to other artisanal furniture of "industrial" or "factory" nature, this piece and the rest of RetroWorks' collection seem to be priced more than fairly which made the purchase even more enthusiastic. 

In summary--great piece (may need more of the collection!), fast delivery, looks great in our home. Thumbs up!


A heartfelt note of thanks John.  Your words mean a lot.

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