A Jazz Age Inspired Industrial Furniture Collection



jazz age inspired industrial furniture back bar bar cart console table and bench

We recently visited New York and really enjoyed strolling through the lobbies of grand old hotels like the Roosevelt and the Plaza. As we listened to Jelly Roll Morton overhead tickling the ivories in Wolverine Blues, our newest collection was inspired. 

We were swept up in the aura of the roaring twenties. We easily imagined the brightly chandelier-lit grand halls and the dimly-lit prohibition-era speakeasies. Jazz filled our ears as we imagined the young and beautiful from the pages of the Great Gatsby dancing the Lindy Hop and the Charleston.

World War I was over.  The standard of living was improving and new technologies were making life easier.  With the introduction of automobiles, radio, planes, and movies, the 20’s were filled with a new sense of optimism.  The culture was rapidly changing from one of stark rationing to the pursuit of happiness. Social life, glamour, art, and jazz reigned supreme. 

Picture Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Babe Ruth mingling at the Café Rouge at Hotel Pennsylvania enjoying the celebrity that the glamour of motion pictures and sports fame afforded them.   

We came home from New York wanting to design furniture that would celebrate the vibrant ambiance of that time.  So, in turning our attention to the illustrious bars and lobbies of the age, we crafted our designs for our Manhattan Hotel Industrial Furniture Collection, including: 

  • a bar cart to deliver gin rickeys, south-side fizzes, and bee's knees to glamorous patrons
handmade industrial style bar cart
mobile industrial style back bar for hotels and bars
  • a console table to display the hotel’s lush floral arrangements and for women to place their bejeweled clutches, and
handmade industrial console table
  • a bench to rest weary legs after dancing the foxtrot. 

 handmade industrial style steel and wood bench


It was an age before plastic and particle board. Where steel was frequently fastened securely with rivets and the quality of craftsmanship was high.

Furniture wasn't made cheaply or overseas.  Quality products were made in the USA and Canada, high-grade materials were used in their construction and expert craftsmanship lead to designs that would last the ages.

It is in this spirit that we have designed our collection.  We have incorporated vintage and quality details, like durable cast-iron wheels, quality wood product and high-grade steel that will not bend.  Our signature rivet bolts, our corner brackets, and our boilerplate adds character that echoes the design motifs of the jazz age.  Finally, the engineering behind our designs has resulted in a collection of extremely well-constructed, beautiful furniture that will stand the test of time.

Since we have designed these pieces, we have been privileged to design a back bar for a hotel in Toronto, to ship our bar cart across North America and craft a custom console table and bench to bring a little jazzy elegance to a home in British Columbia.

This is a collection that we’re very proud of and we are excited to share it with you in our store now.  We can craft these beautiful pieces in any color scheme to suit your preferences and as always, you can contact us with any custom specifications you may have. 

We have also introduced two sets where you can purchase two items together for a 10% discount, including:  

Swing by our website today for more information and please contact us if you have any questions. 


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